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FREE Expert Panel Discussion

Inner Door Center® Families Matter: In Eating Disorder and Substance Abuse Treatment - Expert Panel Discussion
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During National Eating Disorder Awareness Month, Inner Door Center® will be holding an expert panel discussion targeted at families, along with their day treatment program alumni, to draw attention to the prevalence of these co-morbid conditions.




Group Support Series

Reconnect with Food® Evening Group Support Series
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For individuals interested in further exploring their relationship with food, body image and emotions.




Group Support Series

Reconnect with Recovery
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To continue your journey of growth and balance, we cordially invite you to our NEW program.



Group Support Series

Mindfulness-Based Yoga Therapy Certification in Eating Disorder Recovery
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Immersion, Integration and Implementation Segment Schedules - Time slot arranged to meet your needs.



Inner Door Center

Court-Ordered Program for Substance Abuse
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This program is for individuals who are referred to a substance abuse education program via court-order. The program has a rolling admission.



Inner Door Center

Anxiety & Depression Support Group
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Struggling with thoughts of overwhelming worry, fear,  or hopelessness?  We can help!  Join us on Thursday evenings for an 8 week series that utilizes techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and breath work to combat depression and anxiety..



"Reconnect with Food taught me the wisdom that everything is impermanent, I am not my story and forgiveness."

Mindy R.
West Bloomfield, MI
"Out of all of my hospitalizations in the past, this program is by far the best. It compares to none. I finally made the mind-body connection and reconnected with food."

Shelly L.
Flint, MI

"Since beginning treatment, my life has been completely transformed. I have emotions, I acknowledge those emotions, and I ride the rollercoaster of whatever emotion I happen to be experiencing.

I want to restrict every day, at every meal, but I don’t. I want to over-exercise every day, but I don’t. Instead, I act from a wise-minded place, trusting that recovery-focused actions are for my ultimate best.

  I care for myself. I am gentle with myself. If I am tired, I sleep. If I am hungry, I eat. If I need to laugh, I watch a funny movie.

I am honest with my family and friends about my struggles and victories. I volunteer any information I think will be helpful and let them know my needs, instead of waiting for them to read my mind …

Anxiety does not rule my life. It pops up, but I know how to get through without letting it control me.

I am not best friends with my body, but I can tolerate it much more than I could before.

I stand up for myself. I speak up for myself. I honor myself.

I can see how far I have come. I can eat. I can feel. I am not cold every second of the day, almost falling whenever I stand and forgetting everything I learn. My body and mind are functioning light-years better than they were before.

I know I have a long way to go, and this transition out of treatment is very difficult, but I recognize and affirm myself for having faced my worst enemy. I am conquering it in some way every day.

I am acting from my values and trusting that life is full of good things for me.

Recovery is my full-time job. Though it’s the hardest job I’ve ever undertaken, I do not plan on quitting anytime soon."

Stephanie M.
Royal Oak, MI

"The inner door team is a support system that I never knew I needed until I got here, everyone from the receptionist to the nurses, to the therapist and so one have been vital in the support for me to succeed in my recovery. I think this team, this family for everything they have given me, I got my life back and can live it for me!"

Jaclyn B.
"This is one of the best things that has happened to me. I feel so supported, loved, and cared for here. And everyone has so much faith in each other it's so beautiful. "